OMG Becky, look at her website.

Are you still trying to get by with a website created when Cantel was the leading provider of flip phones? Its a new year, why not start 2015 with a website that looks like it was designed by someone who lives in 2015. 5one9 Design keeps on top of the latest web design trends while still creating a user friendly interface and at the same time optimizes content for search engine spiders. Its a tricky triage, don't turn it into the Bermuda triangle. Call us today. Hey have you ever heard of the Rule of Threes? Google it.
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London Ontario Internet Marketing news

And the content keeps coming. Please consider your users when designing your website. While your content needs to be useful to your user the average attention span these days isn't going to have someone reading through paragraphs of text (unless it's your mom). People want to see the main points stand out. Search engines however have a very rigid and complex algorithm for indexing the words on your page so you need to find the delicate balance between the two. Call us, we know how it's done.
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YouTube Video Post

Video, site tours, google business places are all services we can provide that will aid in building your internet web presence in Ontario and BC.
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