Underhanded Tactics by a Once Reputable Company

Remember back in the day when all centres didn't exist and no one had ever heard of outbound marketing and when you wanted to call a plumber you picked up a thick yellow book and let your fingers do the walking?
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Web Design Vancouver

What happened here was that we had all these blog posts that we didn't realize were being indexed by Google (oops) and I just thought hey, why not optimize them for our keywords. You know how it is. Search engine algorithms....they are a fickle beast. Luckily we're right behind them cracking the whip. Have you noticed a drop in your search engine position lately? Well its probably because some guy over at google woke up this morning with a complex and thought hey, let's shake thing up today and change a comma on the algorithm.
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Youtube Video Post

Search Engine Optimization is our specialty. We have been on the cutting edge of search engine algorithm trends since 1999. Let our marketers get you to the first page of Google using organic optimization techniques on-site or off-site. We use guerrilla marketing and grassroots techniques to get the you the most exposure on the various search engines including Bing and Yahoo. We also do AdWords and Local optimization if your chosen keywords include Google Local Map search results.
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Canada leading web design company

When it comes to images nothing says Google me like an alt tag. Also naming your images something keywordish doesn't hurt either. Figure out what keywords will bring you the most targeted traffic and the highest return on investment and give us a call. We service London, Toronto and Vancouver and the rest of Canada.
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Social Media Campaigns

Twitter, not gonna lie, I'm not a fan but there's a time and a place. I prefer instagram and facebook. Pinterest is also up and coming. I guess I just don't care for having a character cap on my wisdom. If you need help bridging the gap between meaningful content and engaging your customers, call us. Disclaimer: The preceding post and all other posts in this area are not examples of how to provide meaningful engaging content, rather they are a quick attempt at engaging a mechanical algorithm belonging to on googlebot therefore please don't hold it against us if you as a person did not find it that interesting. We have something else in mind for your customers. Call me.
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YouTube Video Post

Video, site tours, google business places are all services we can provide that will aid in building your internet web presence in Ontario and BC.
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