Search Engine Optimization

SEO - search engine optimization in london ontario

search engine optimization (SEO) in london ontario

5ONE9 DESIGN Studios are London Ontario based and offer search engine optimization.  Website design and marketing services are offered as well.  We service businesses across Canada.  If you are a business looking to expand your reach within the local market we are experts in optimizing your website for local reach.  Give us a call today 519.872.3578


Designing a search engine optimized website is just one part of a bigger over all search engine optimization strategy. SEO is a process that combines useful user information and interface with valuable content regarding the services you provide. The intent is to optimize your placement in search engine results based on chosen keywords.  Think of it this way.  Building a website without SEO is like throwing a party and not sending invitations.  One doesn’t work without the other.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Our team of SEO (search engine optimization) experts keep up to date with the constantly changing Google algorithms.  What’s good for Google optimization one day works against it the next.  What happens at Bing stays at Bing. The search engine optimization world is in constant motion as the search engines strive to keep search results user friendly and black hat search engine optimizers catch up.  The big companies acquire the little ones.  Suddenly a search engine previously disregarded starts serving up search engine results to one of the big players like Google.

No stone can go unturned and for every search engine optimization strategy there is a search engine optimization tool to monitor and measure adherence.  Our search engine optimization experts know where to spend the time and money and first and foremost will take advantage of any and all guerrilla marketing  opportunities to optimize your website for Google and Bing…and there are many.